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CFR Members - Main Stream Media

Beware of any of these people
The CFR's goal is a New World Order

See our CFR Members - Complete 2012 Roster
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ABC News

  • George R. Stephanopoulos

Bloomberg TV

  • Judy Woodruff


Seen on their network

  • Erin I. Burnett
  • Fareed Zakaria

Fox News


  • Rupert Murdoch

Seen on their network

  • John R. Bolton
    • Former US Ambassador to the UN
  • Monica Crowley
  • Charles Krauthammer


  • Monica Crowley


Mortimer Zuckerman

  • editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

  • Correspondent for The Economist, covering energy and healthcare


New York Times

  • David C. Unger
    • foreign affairs editorial writer
  • Andrew M. Rosenthal
    • Editor for the New York Times
  • Carla Anne Robbins
    • Deputy Editor for the New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

"Notable & Quotable," Wall Street Journal, April 10, 1991.
Four top leaders of the Wall Street Journal hold membership in the CFR:

  • Chairman & Publisher Peter R. Kann;
  • Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine;
  • Editor Robert L. Bartley; and
    • Deceased
      • His widow, Edith L. Bartley, is listed as a current member on their 2012 Roster
  • Managing Editor Paul E. Steiger.
    • Still a member on their 2012 Roster
      • According to Wikipedia May 15, 2007 he is no longer Managing Editor but editor at large for The Wall Street Journal

Source: The Insiders by John F. McManus

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