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I deal with "fair housing" issues where we have laws that have been designed to punish discrimination, as defined by our elected rulers.

If you "discriminate" for reasons of age, family status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, national origin, or handicap. I suppose, for other reasons it is considered "lawful" to discriminate, including but not limited to how their voice sounds, the vocabulary used, education levels, or even political registration…….?!? Lol. So, discrimination is "ok" as long as it is not in these areas as defined by our federal rulers. Got it? Now let me ask…….

Suppose that you wanted to maintain an apartment community that does show a preference to house the handicap, or a particular race, etc……. IS that also discrimination? OR, are those folks violating the federal law and are ripe for being sued?

Some call this "reverse discrimination" but the reverse of discrimination is not to have discrimination…..hopefully you can clearly see that this often used phrase is oxymoronic……..it is by definition discrimination, just another flavor of it. So, if discrimination is what we seek to eliminate, regardless of how it is imposed should be equally important to eradicate…..at least one would think.

We should demand that our elected rulers treat folks in an equal manner, NOT to construct laws to force the private citizens to treat each other equally. This is a direct assault on freedom.

The owner of a private business or private property should be free to run it as they see fit, even if it is foolishly. This is exactly what makes the free market such a powerful force, those with the best products and best service tend to do much better than those with idiotic policies. Initially most people would see such freedom being chock full of problems…….but, I see it as being chock full of opportunities. Who is right?

We need no federal laws to do this……..we just need a better understanding of the power of a truly free market.
For example, in sports we did not need a law to allow black folks to participate……..we just needed a free market and those who focused on winning championships would select the best players and continue to win championships until the other foolish, racist owners either got used to losing or changed their mindsets. To impose laws to force people to act in ways that run counter to their mindset doesn't really fix the underlying problem of racism……..it simply fosters resentment and PROLONGS such racist thinking.

You don't really have to be all that bright before you can see what is, and what is not in your best interest. In sports, it's winning championships. In business, it's winning on the balance sheet.

Give people the freedom to figure it out, they naturally will. Our founders believed in this, and so do I today.

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