H Social Sciences

H Social sciences General) Subclass
  • HA Statistics
  • HB Economic theory. Demography
  • HC Economic history and conditions
  • HD Industries. Land use. Labor
  • HE Transportation and communications
  • HF Commerce
  • HG Finance
  • HJ Public finance
  • HM Sociology (General)
  • Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform
  • HQ The family. Marriage. Women
  • HS Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
  • HT Communities. Classes. Races
  • HV Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology
  • HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism


HG Finance

HG1-9999 Finance HG178 Liquidity HG179 Personal finance HG201-1496 Money HG258-312 Precious metals. Bullion HG315 Small coins HG321-329 Mints. Assaying HG335-339 Counterfeiting HG348-353.5 Paper money HG361-363 Legal tender HG381-395 International coinage HG401-421 Bimetallism HG451-1496 By region or country HG1501-3550 Banking HG1621-1638 Interest rates. Interest tables HG1641-1643 Bank loans. Bank credit. Commercial loans HG1651-1654 Discount HG1655 Acceptances HG1656 Bank reserves. Bank liquidity. Loan loss reserves HG1660 Bank accounts. Bank deposits. Deposit banking HG1662 Insurance of deposits. Deposit insurance HG1685-1704 Drafts. Checks HG1706-1708 Accounting. Bookkeeping HG1709 Data processing HG1710-1710.5 Electronic funds transfers HG1722 Bank mergers HG1723 Bank stocks. Banking as an investment HG1725-1778 Banks and the state. State supervision of banks HG1811-2351 Special classes of banks and financial institutions HG2397-3550 By region or country HG3691-3769 Credit. Debt. Loans Including credit institutions, credit instruments, consumer credit, bankruptcy HG3810-4000 Foreign exchange. International finance. International monetary system HG4001-4285 Finance management. Business finance. Corporation finance HG4301-4480.9 Trust services. Trust companies HG4501-6051 Investment, capital formation, speculation HG4530 Investment companies. Investment trusts. Mutual funds HG4538 Foreign investments HG4551-4598 Stock exchanges HG4621 Stockbrokers. Security dealers. Investment advisers HG4701-4751 Government securities. Industrial securities. Venture capital HG4900-5993 By region or country HG6001-6051 Speculation HG6105-6270.9 Lotteries HG8011-9999 Insurance HG8053.5-8054.45 Insurance for professions. Malpractice insurance. Professional liability insurance HG8059 Business insurance HG8075-8107 Insurance business. Insurance management HG8111-8123 Government policy. State supervision HG8205-8220 Government insurance HG8501-8745 By region or country HG8751-9295 Life insurance HG8779-8793 Actuarial science. Statistical theory and methodology applied to insurance HG8799-8830 By class insured, by risk, by plan HG8835-8899 Life insurance business. Management HG8901-8914 Government policy. State supervision HG8941-9200.5 By region or country HG9201-9245 Mutual life insurance. Assessment life insurance. Fraternal life insurance HG9251-9262 Industrial life insurance HG9271 Child insurance. Life insurance for children HG9291-9295 Maternity insurance HG9301-9343 Accident insurance HG9371-9399 Health insurance HG9651-9899 Fire insurance HG9956-9969 Casualty insurance HG9969.5-9999 Other insurance Including automobile, burglary, credit, disaster, title insurance

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