HG Finance

HG1-9999 Finance HG178 Liquidity HG179 Personal finance HG201-1496 Money HG258-312 Precious metals. Bullion HG315 Small coins HG321-329 Mints. Assaying HG335-339 Counterfeiting HG348-353.5 Paper money HG361-363 Legal tender HG381-395 International coinage HG401-421 Bimetallism HG451-1496 By region or country HG1501-3550 Banking HG1621-1638 Interest rates. Interest tables HG1641-1643 Bank loans. Bank credit. Commercial loans HG1651-1654 Discount HG1655 Acceptances HG1656 Bank reserves. Bank liquidity. Loan loss reserves HG1660 Bank accounts. Bank deposits. Deposit banking HG1662 Insurance of deposits. Deposit insurance HG1685-1704 Drafts. Checks HG1706-1708 Accounting. Bookkeeping HG1709 Data processing HG1710-1710.5 Electronic funds transfers HG1722 Bank mergers HG1723 Bank stocks. Banking as an investment HG1725-1778 Banks and the state. State supervision of banks HG1811-2351 Special classes of banks and financial institutions HG2397-3550 By region or country HG3691-3769 Credit. Debt. Loans Including credit institutions, credit instruments, consumer credit, bankruptcy HG3810-4000 Foreign exchange. International finance. International monetary system HG4001-4285 Finance management. Business finance. Corporation finance HG4301-4480.9 Trust services. Trust companies HG4501-6051 Investment, capital formation, speculation HG4530 Investment companies. Investment trusts. Mutual funds HG4538 Foreign investments HG4551-4598 Stock exchanges HG4621 Stockbrokers. Security dealers. Investment advisers HG4701-4751 Government securities. Industrial securities. Venture capital HG4900-5993 By region or country HG6001-6051 Speculation HG6105-6270.9 Lotteries HG8011-9999 Insurance HG8053.5-8054.45 Insurance for professions. Malpractice insurance. Professional liability insurance HG8059 Business insurance HG8075-8107 Insurance business. Insurance management HG8111-8123 Government policy. State supervision HG8205-8220 Government insurance HG8501-8745 By region or country HG8751-9295 Life insurance HG8779-8793 Actuarial science. Statistical theory and methodology applied to insurance HG8799-8830 By class insured, by risk, by plan HG8835-8899 Life insurance business. Management HG8901-8914 Government policy. State supervision HG8941-9200.5 By region or country HG9201-9245 Mutual life insurance. Assessment life insurance. Fraternal life insurance HG9251-9262 Industrial life insurance HG9271 Child insurance. Life insurance for children HG9291-9295 Maternity insurance HG9301-9343 Accident insurance HG9371-9399 Health insurance HG9651-9899 Fire insurance HG9956-9969 Casualty insurance HG9969.5-9999 Other insurance Including automobile, burglary, credit, disaster, title insurance

The Case for Gold by Ron Paul

15th December 2016

Here is the revolutionary book on monetary reform - brilliant, compelling, clear, with specific reforms to do now - in an edition for global distribution.

Had the U.S. followed the recommendations of this wonderful report when it came out in 1982, there would have been no housing bubble, no gigantic government debt, no depression, no economic upheaval, no high unemployment, and no international turmoil. This was a window of opportunity for reform. This…