Composr CMS First Thoughts

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Due to frustration with Tiki CMS Groupware, I'm switching to Composr CMSO_o

I expect a steep learning curve, as with any new software.

Things I'm liking

Install was easy. :cool:
  • The install script was quite nice.
  • I setup my database using MySQL.
  • Uploaded 3 files to my server.
  • Ran the install script.
  • I had this site up and running within an hour.

Things I need to learn

I've heard mention of some features I'm not sure how to implement. O_o
  • "clubs" - groups of people by location or interest
    • This is one main reason I switched from Tiki.
    • I still don't see the link to create these clubs.
    • I will call them "Porches."
      • After all, this is the Virtual Front Porch

Things I'm on the fence about

Ratings, points, awards, etc.
  • Designed to get people involved with the site.
  • You get points for doing things like:
    • Joining
    • Voting in a poll
    • Rating content
    • IOTD chosen
    • Poll chosen
    • Submitting various forms of content
    • Length of membership
    • Visiting the site
    • Posting on the forum
    • Entering/passing quizzes
    • Being given them (this is described in a later section)
    • Earning them from selling a download (this is described in a later section)
    • Earning them in the ocWorld addon (this is described in a later section)
  • I guess we'll see how this plays out…

Things I'm not liking

When editing a page with WYSIWYG:
  • If the page gets very long, it's a real inconvenience to have to scroll up to get the code buttons.
  • Ex. To do this area,
    • I scrolled up to do the Heading 1. Then scrolled down to type the heading.
    • Scrolled up to do the list. Then scrolled down to type.
    • Scrolled up to indent the list. Then scrolled down to type.
    • I do like that hitting "Enter" unindents 1 time.
    • Do it again and it goes to no list…
  • I hit an Enter and look, I'm unindented now.
I hit enter once, got the next line of the list. Hit enter again and I'm back at the normal paragraph.
It would be nice to have this part of the page in a scrollable text area, so it's easier to use the top menu of buttons…

Documentation is a bit light

That is typical for open source software.
  • I will need to create a User Guide.
    • aha, I discovered tab pushes of the indent of the list!!! woohoo. :thumbs:
    • I was having to do the same for my site using Tiki CMS groupware.

That's it for now,