Installed Manjaro Linux on my desktop

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After video problems after upgrading my LinuxMint 18 install, I decided to try another distribution.

How I choose Manjaro.
  • I have used SolydK and PCLinux in the past, so really like rolling releases.
  • I tried but had problems with"
  • I have used and like the KDE desktop, so I choose that edition.
Manjaro installed without a hitch.
  • It automatically detected my NVidia GTX 750Ti and installed the proprietary drivers for it.
    • I do have a cheaper monitor, so alignment wasn't quite right.
    • su nvidia-settings
      • Advance
      • ViewPortIn 1920x1080
      • ViewPortOut 1840x1000+50+50
      • Apply
    • Save to x
    • Reboot
Threre were 500+ updates available.
  • Right click the pacman icon, update system.
    • Choose run in terminal.
      • Choose Y for everything
      • Even when the selected shows y/N.
  • This took awhile.
  • Reboot.
Installed yaourt
  • Installed google-chrome
    • yaourt google-chrome
    • I choose the 1st one that wasn't beta or dev.
I am quite happy with this setup.