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M - Music
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Open to any and all jabis about how you would like to expand the Music Front Porch.
  • jabi = Just Another Bright Idea
    • pronounced jab eye
Some jabis to prime the pump:
  • Genres
    • Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop
  • Artists
    • George Jones, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Beyonce
  • Albums
    • Another Brick in the Wall, Eliminator

Wiki Pages

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  • To add bands or artists...
    • Click on the child page with the 1st letter of your band or artist 
      • If you see your band or artist, click it to visit their page.
      • If you don't see your band or artist, click the "Add child page" link
We will have a wiki page for each
  • band or artist
  • album
  • song
    • Feel free to add
      • lyrics
      • Any additional info you would like

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