VFP Chatrooms

Chat Lobby

Each Virtual Front Porch should have it's own chat room.
  • Chatrooms are live.
  • Chat with online users.
    • You can create Private chat rooms.
The Chat Lobby is also a quick way to Instant Message your friends.

Welcome one and all. 
  • Talk about anything and everything.
    • Invite your friends and family to check it out…
      • The more the merrier!
As always, let's keep this family friendly. 
  • Don't say anything that you wouldn't say in front of your Mom or a young child.
  • Do NOT call anyone stupid for disagreeing with you.
    • Give your opinion and let others agree or disagree.
    • Keep things civil.
      • Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.
These chat rooms are for tossing ideas around.
  • The name of this site is jabi
  • If you can find a group of like minded people,
    • start a wiki page(s)
      • For long term sharing of "common" sense.
    • Start a VFP Forum
      • To discuss ideas
        • Discuss the best way to explain those ideas.
        • Then, add those ideas to your wiki pages.
    • Add these features to the group

Tips and tricks

Example:chat_chat_message_window.png Once in a chatroom, you're presented with
  • a automatically-updating window of the current chat messages,
  • an input area at the top (with an expandable formatting buttons area),
  • and some options at the bottom.
To send a message,
  • simply enter it in the input box at the top,
    • and press "enter",
      • or click the "Submit message" button.
The input box will be emptied,
  • and your message will appear in the message window shortly afterwards.
Messages from other conversants in the same chatroom appear periodically in the messages window.

The options at the bottom of the chatroom page control how your messages appear to others, and there are also some links to pertinent links provided below.

You can be in several chat rooms at once.
  • From the Chat Lobby
    • Right-Click and open in a new tab or window.
    • If you have sound, you will hear when
      • a friend logs on or off
      • incoming messages
      • invitations to join a chat room

Advice for younger users

Be aware of the following guidelines:
  • Before using these chat rooms, talk it over with your parents.
  • Do not arrange to meet people met in a chatroom
  • Do not trust anybody you meet in a chatroom – no matter what they tell you, they don't have to be telling the truth
    • One goal of the Virtual Front Porch is transparency.
    • If we find out you are not who you say you are, prey on others, can't get along, we will ban you from the site.
    • You can only have one account. If we find you have more than one account, we will ban you from the site.
  • Do not send photos, reveal your real name, or do webcam sessions
  • Remember: anybody could be using the chatrooms; not just people like you

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