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If you want to create a wiki+ page, but aren't sure where it needs to go…

Edit this page (click the Edit Page button at the bottom right of this page.)

Click the Disable WYSIWYG editing button to the top right of this editing box.
Click the Disable Temporarily button.

Add the name of your page below surrounded by 2 sets of square brackets.
Example[[Page Name]]

Add a dash then an quick explanation about your page.
Example - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game Click the Save button.

Your page will show up as a link.
Click that link.
On the page that comes up click the "Create Page" button.
Voila! There you go.

At a later time, when the structure is in place you can remove the link from this page.

Orphan pages go below

0 A.D. - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game

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