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Wiki+ page: Groundwater

Wells must be built to pump groundwater to the water treatment plants.

  • higher concentrations of dissolved solids
  • lower levels of color
  • freedom from microbiological contamination
Where can it come from?
  • precipitation that enters the ground through infiltration.
    • Once the ground becomes saturated, additional precipitation runs off to surface water sources.

Possible problems

Overpumping in coastal areas
  • can deplete the groundwater basins,
    • resulting in intrusion of sea water,
      • ruining the basin for useful purposes.
  • definition = The introduction into water of microorganisms, chemicals, toxic substances, wastes or wastewater in a concentration that makes the water unfit for its next intended use.
  • Sources of contamination
    • seepage from septic tank leaching systems
    • agricultural drainage systems
    • improper disposal of hazardous wastes in sanitary landfills and dumps.
  • definition =  The dropping or lowering of the ground surface as a result of removing excess water (overdraft or overpumping) from an aquifer.
    • After excess water has been removed, the soil will settle, become compacted and the ground surface will drop and can cause the settling of underground utilities.


Wiki+ page: Aquifers

1/4 of the water used.
  • 1950 = 12 trillion gallons
  • 1980 = more than double that


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