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Wiki+ page: VFP User Guide

VFP User Guide

The Virtual Front Porch This is a work in progress…
  • As with all pages on this site,
    • this User Guide is a community effort.
CreativeCommons88x31.png  This work is licensed under a
Table of contents:
user_link" href="">YOUR very own WWW Virtual Front Porch
A Virtual Front Porch (wiki) to discuss YOU having your very own Virtual Front Porch. It used to be the most important "room" of a house!!!


Wiki+ page: YOUR very own WWW Virtual Front Porch

Welcome to the Virtual Front Porch

This video is dated, because we are recreating the site using a new program.
  • But the ideas still apply.
    • I will create a new video once I get farther along…

When I (user_link" href="">WizarDave) first saw the Internet back in '95,

People used to gather on the front porch

But people became scattered

  • making it difficult to gather on a front porch.
    • The Internet was a way for scattered people to gather
      • A Virtual Front Porch.

Now you can have your very own Virtual Front Porch.

Share the new page with all your friends, 
  • so, they will know they can
    • get their very own WWW Virtual Front Porch!


Wiki+ page: Needed Pages

If you want to create a wiki+ page, but aren't sure where it needs to go…

Edit this page (click the Edit Page button at the bottom right of this page.)

Click the Disable WYSIWYG editing button to the top right of this editing box.
Click the Disable Temporarily button.

Add the name of your page below surrounded by 2 sets of square brackets.
Example[[Page Name]]

Add a dash then an quick explanation about your page.
Example - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game Click the Save button.

Your page will show up as a link.
Click that link.
On the page that comes up click the "Create Page" button.
Voila! There you go.

At a later time, when the structure is in place you can remove the link from this page.

Orphan pages go below

0 A.D. - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game


Wiki+ page: Welcome Authors

Share Your Common Sense

jabi = Just Another Bright Idea

☆ Welcome ☆
The Virtual Front Porch feature list is quite large.
We are attempting to document how everything works.
Consider this The Virtual Front Porch to discuss how to use the Virtual Front Porch

Our main area of content is our user_link" href="">Wiki.

Jump right in, the water's great!

Everyone is an expert at something.
Share your common sense



Wiki+ page: Wiki page Table of Contents

Add a TOC to any wiki page

If a wiki page gets very long, it's a good idea to add a TOC at the top.
  • Allows for quick jumping to any section or sub-section of the page.
    • Using headers creates sections and sub-sections.
      • Paragraph Format 3rd row, bottom left
      • Heading 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
See it in action.
  • Here is a fairly long page.
    • Growing Apples
      • So we inserted a TOC at the top.
      • It is set to show 3 levels

How to add the TOC

  1. Position your cursor where you want the TOC added. (click a blank spot on your page)
  2. Click the "Use Comcode Tag Assistant" button
    • Bottom row, 5th button from the right edge (has a C on it)
  3. Scroll down under Structure/navigation tags
    • contents
      Automatically generate a table of contents from the title tags in the Comcode.
  4. Click contents
  5. Choose how many levels you want
  6. Preview
  7. Adjust number of levels if needed. Preview until you like what you see.
  8. Click the "add +" button.


Wiki+ page: Wiki page Boxes




Using WYSIWYG editor
  • Type your text you want in the box.
  • Highlight it.
  • Click the Green box button (bottom row, 2nd from the right)
  • Type in your Title
  • Click Okay button.
With WYSIWYG disabled.
  • You can directly add the code for the box.


[no_parse][box param="Title"]Content[/box][/no_parse]

Accordian Style

Use the Comcode tag assistant button.
  • Scroll down to box
  • You will be given the option of choosing Accordian style.
  • Copy and paste for additional boxes is the easiest way
Or directly add the code with WYSIWYG disabled…


[no_parse][box param="Title" type="accordian"]Content[/box][/no_parse]

Example. Click each box header to see how it works.

  • It only shows content from 1 box at a time.
  • Click the next one, it closes the first and opens the next…

Expand: Box 1 Box 1

Expand: Box 2 Box 2

Expand: Box 3 Box 3

Expand: Box 4 Box 4


Feel free to Post Questions below…


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