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Welcome to the Virtual Front Porch

To find main areas of the wiki, look below for child pages. The main goals of the Virtual Front Porch: This is a wiki, meaning you can make it better by:
  • Add pages
  • Edit pages to
    • correct mistakes
    • add missing explanations
    • give alternative views
      • Do not simply replace views you don't agree with with your own views.
      • Add information about your views and let others decide which they believe.
        • You may even want to create a new page and link both pages together!
    • format the information to be easier to understand
  • Make a "Post" to any page.
    • This is the comment section.
      • Give your ideas

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Wiki+ page: VFP User Guide

VFP User Guide

The Virtual Front Porch
  • Runs using Composr CMS Software
    • This User Guide is to help members learn to use the site.
      • It contains the most-common end-user tasks.
This is a work in progress…
  • As with all pages on this site,
    • this User Guide is a community effort.
CreativeCommons88x31.png  This work is licensed under a
Table of contents:
YOUR very own WWW Virtual Front Porch
A Virtual Front Porch (wiki) to discuss YOU having your very own Virtual Front Porch. It used to be the most important "room" of a house!!!


Wiki+ page: YOUR very own WWW Virtual Front Porch

Welcome to the Virtual Front Porch

This video is dated, because we are recreating the site using a new program.
  • But the ideas still apply.
    • I will create a new video once I get farther along…

When I (WizarDave) first saw the Internet back in '95,

People used to gather on the front porch

  • sharing stories with family and friends

But people became scattered

  • making it difficult to gather on a front porch.
    • The Internet was a way for scattered people to gather
      • A Virtual Front Porch.

Now you can have your very own Virtual Front Porch.

  • Also known as
    • World's Easiest HomePage
      • WEHP
  • First you have to Register (It's free for a limited time…)
    • Then go here.
      • Click the "Edit Tree" button.
      • Add your name (alphabetically)
      • Click the "save" button.
    • Click on your name.
      • Click the "Edit Page" button.
      • Add whatever info you want.
      • Link to whatever info you want.
Share the new page with all your friends, 
  • so, they will know they can
    • get their very own WWW Virtual Front Porch!


Wiki+ page: Needed Pages

If you want to create a wiki+ page, but aren't sure where it needs to go…

Edit this page (click the Edit Page button at the bottom right of this page.)

Click the Disable WYSIWYG editing button to the top right of this editing box.
Click the Disable Temporarily button.

Add the name of your page below surrounded by 2 sets of square brackets.
Example[[Page Name]]

Add a dash then an quick explanation about your page.
Example - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game Click the Save button.

Your page will show up as a link.
Click that link.
On the page that comes up click the "Create Page" button.
Voila! There you go.

At a later time, when the structure is in place you can remove the link from this page.

Orphan pages go below

0 A.D. - A multi-platform Real Time Simulation computer game


Wiki+ page: 799.1 Fishing

Fishing Virtual Front Porches

Fishermen Club  

About 799.1 Fishing

799.1 Fishing
Including freshwater fishing; coarse fishing; net fishing; other methods of fishing
  • Class fishing for specific kinds of freshwater fishes in 799.17;
  • class shellfishing in 799.2;
  • class interdisciplinary works on fishing in 639.2
799.12 Angling
Including bait fishing; fly fishing; casting; bait-casting (spin-fishing); trolling
  • Class here game, pan fishing
  • Class specific methods of freshwater fishing in 799.1;
  • class specific methods of saltwater fishing in 799.16;
  • class game fishing in the sense of fishing for salmon, trout, graylings, specific methods of fishing for specific kinds of fish in 799.17;
  • class comprehensive works in 799.1
799.13 Net fishing
Example: seining

799.14 Other methods of fishing
Example: spearfishing

799.16 Saltwater fishing
  • Class fishing for specific kinds of saltwater fishes in 799.17
799.17 Specific kinds of fishes
  • Class coarse fishing, game fishing in sense of sports fishing in 799.12;
  • class comprehensive works on fishing for freshwater fishes in 799.1;
  • class comprehensive works on fishing for saltwater fishes in 799.16


Wiki+ page: Hemp Growers

Industrial is being legalized again in the United States.

This Virtual Front Porch is for Hemp Growers.
  • Those interested in growing Industrial Hemp for profit.

Industrial Hemp Info:

Expand: Picture & Video Gallery Picture & Video Gallery

Here's some off-site links. Click to open

Expand: Links Directory Links Directory

More posted as it's created.


Wiki+ page: VFP MUD


What is Buildr?

First, We'll start with a basic explanation of what 'Buildr' is.

Buildr is a 'Multi-User Dungeon' (MUD),
  • open to all joined members.
  • It's a RPG web-based game.
    • You walk around and collect items,
    • solve quests,
    • chat with other players.
      • You can think of Buildr as a MMORPG :) 
      • (but for free ;))

The concept of a MUD is basically the same as any MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), you explore the different realms, solving quests, you spend 'skill points' (referred as 'Points' in Buildr), to build rooms, realms, portals and items. These have the property of expanding a realm.

Buildr Game is online, so you will need to be connected to the Internet to play, its free and easy to use. The only thing you 'pay' for is when you add your own rooms, realms portals and items using points, or when you buy items off of other players.

This is an addon to Composr CMS Software (that runs this site).

There is very little documentation, besides what I've linked above.
  • But the Guide is excellent.
  • If you can dream it, you can build it with Buildr

Buildr Discussion Forum
  • Have some good ideas but need help doing it?
  • Figure out a cool way to do something? Share your ideas
  • Create a cool realm? Let others know what's there…


     Ready to start with your own VFP group or idea? Then click here to make a page with a basic description to see how easy it is to create a page in America's first algorithm free domain


Wiki+ page: User Pages

Add your name as a child page, so you can have your very own www Virtual Front Porch.


Wiki+ page: WizarDave

Welcome to WizarDave's Virtual Front Porch

I'm WizarDave
  • owner and webmaster of this site
  • Married to Sylvia
  • Wastewater Treatment Operator
  • Water Treatment Operator
  • Past jobs
    • City Administrator / Utility Superintendent
    • Electrical Lineman
    • Over the Road Trucker
  • Business Owner
    • Webmaster
    • Owner Operator Trucker
    • Better World Technologies
      • Increasing vehicles MPG
      • Technology not too good to be true,
        • Technology too good to be ignored.
    • Help with the wife's Hair Salon / Body Piercing business.
Hobbies Manuals for my stuff:
  • HINT: You can add something similar to your Virtual Front Porch, so you can easily find the links…
    • Find and upload manuals here
      • Under advanced, set the cost at 1 point and you will receive 1 point everytime someone downloads the manual.
  • Casio Watch
  • Home Thermostat
My places on this site:


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