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Welcome to the Virtual Front Porch

To find main areas of the wiki, look below for child pages. The main goals of the Virtual Front Porch: This is a wiki, meaning you can make it better by:
  • Add pages
  • Edit pages to
    • correct mistakes
    • add missing explanations
    • give alternative views
      • Do not simply replace views you don't agree with with your own views.
      • Add information about your views and let others decide which they believe.
        • You may even want to create a new page and link both pages together!
    • format the information to be easier to understand
  • Make a "Post" to any page.
    • This is the comment section.
      • Give your ideas

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Discussion Areas:

Sharing areas

  • Downloads
    • Share files
    • If you upload a file, you get a point when someone downloads it.
    • It costs you 1 point to download a file, (which goes to the uploader)
  • Gallery
    • For images
  • Polls
    • Create a poll to find out how people think about things…
  • Quizzes
    • Create quizzes for others to take
  • Links
    • Directory of links
      • Web sites

Child pages:

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